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Nuno, Edu and João are 3 passionates about Lisboa and everything around the city! At night they Love to dance, sing and drink  but is during the day that this team really shine!!! 


3 friends struggling for surviving had a special need, to create their biggest dream, real!


Join now this 3 in a dream day at the most beautiful beaches of the surroundings of Lisboa. Dare yourself to paddle with Nuno, Edu and João because they are finally here for everyone!  =D

Eduardo Ferrari

Eduardo has a story of passion for Lisbon and for kayaking that started around 8 years ago when he moved to Portugal. Originally from Brazil, he got his degree in architecture but decided that living by the sea as a sailor and guide would make his life much more like a dream.

Having a lot of experience with tourists, he joined Nuno to do some beautiful work as a kayak guide, where he could also open his heart and have the opportunity to have the sea as his own home.

Nuno Leitão

Nuno´s passion for kayak began around 2 years ago when he decided to start exploring the portuguese coast and bought a kayak so he could do it by the sea.

His passion for it became so big that he bet it could not only be a hobby but also a way of life.

From that time he already had a his own bike tour company called Lisbon Cycle Tours that is operating now for 8 years as well.

He is the kind of guide that knows a lot of portuguese history and during the tour he also can share it with us.

João Goulão

João, also known as "the best guide in town" is  very passionate for the beach, sun, sports and kayaking. This guy will provide you anything you need for you to have the best and safest experience in the sea. Also he is the responsible for the amazing "torta de requeijão" (Cream cheese pie with Cinnamon) that we bring for the tour (because he wakes up his mom everyday at 5 AM to make it). One of the traditional and delicious local cakes of Portugal!

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